Tutti Frutti

Mainzer Straße 2

This corner kiosk was already a popular meeting place for the neighborhood in the fifties. After the place was converted to a restaurant, it did not lose its magnetism and many residents come here to drink a glass of "vino" or to pick up a pizza on the way home. The new store was going to be informal and cozy, and indeed it is. Dishes like hummus with pomegranate sauce, melanzane alla parmigiana and crispy pizza are baked directly on stone. Everything tastes as if it is personally prepared by “Mama” with love. Even though everyone has their own individual view, the Tutti Frutti pizza bakers are definitely one of the best in the area.



Opening times
Mon–Fri 11 am 11 pm
Sat 3 pm to 11 pm
Parking Garages