Ochi no Sushiya

Albrechtstrasse 24

This Japanese restaurant is extraordinary in many ways. The sushi master is a master here and, contrary to the usual expectations, comes not from Japan but from India. Anita Sankaran learned from sushi master Ochi personally. After his death, she followed in his footsteps to refine her arts and now conjures up sushi plates of the finest. The chef’s skills are also evident in the other authentically prepared Japanese specialties. Dishes such as ramen soup, “Donburi,” or the “Natto” made from fermented soybeans, which is unusual for the European palate, all convince in quality and taste. Anita’s husband gets to the point with a beaming smile: “Once you come to dinner with us, you come again.”

More info: www.ochinosushiya.de



Opening times
Mon–Sat 5 pm to 11 pm
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